Talking Tom 2 game free download with APK [Samsung, Nokia]

My Talking Tom 2 is one of the most funny and exciting application that is available for Android. This is a free to use Android application which is available to download and install Talking Tom 2 app on your Android device without having to spend a single penny. The all-new Talking Tom is now back with much more improvements and much funnier than before. If you don’t want to download this application from the Play Store, you can simply download it from the Talking Tom 2 APK link provided below. Here is everything you need to know about the Talking Tom 2 application for your android device, its incredible features alongside a direct link to download and install the application on your Android device using the APK link.

Talking Tom 2 free APK download for Android mobiles and tablets


Talking Tom 2 is an amazing interactive simulated pet app developed by Outfit7. The new Talking Tom 2 application is the sequel to the original Talking Tom Cat virtual pet. You can find the Talking Tom cat 2 in a new outfit and you can have much fun and enjoyment with the crazy pranks and hilarious voice of the Tom cat. The users can interact with the Talking Tom Cat 2 by speaking, playing, customizing and much more.

In Talking Tom cat 2 application, you can customize the virtual cat by changing the attire, outfit and even location of the Tom. The users of this application are capable enough to handle Ben, the dog which is the other character in this Talking Tom 2 app that makes the Tom pop a paper bag. You can then see the reaction of the Tom. Users will be able to record all sorts of actions of the Tom and Ben in the form of videos and share them across the social networking platforms like Facebook or even upload those videos on YouTube.

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Features of Talking Tom 2 game

Here are the fantastic features of Talking Tom 2 Android app:
  • In this app, you can have an amazing feature ‘Talk to Tom’ that lets you speak whatever you wish so that the Tom repeats what you say in his peculiar comical voice.
  • You can not only speak with Tom but also play with Tom by stroking, poking, and challenging him. This way you could earn gold coins in a mini-game of this application.
  • By joining the mini-games, you can have much more fun as well as collect additional gold coins.
  • You can even gain exclusive achievements while playing with the unique Tom.
  • It facilitates the user customize the character Tom by wearing captivating accessories, new attire and other fashions like a Tom Boy or a Pirate Tom.
  • You could even change the location wherein you wish to see the Talking Tom.
  • You can also make the Talking Tom do some kind of funny actions likeblasting bags, cushionbangs and much more.
  • This application also enables the user record videos of Tom, its actions. You can then send the recorded video across your friends and even post them on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube as well.

Download Talking Tom 2 game App for your Android device from google playstore

Here are the simple steps that help the user download and install the Talking Tom 2 application on your Android device. Talking Tom 2 application is an Android app that can be downloaded and installed directly from the Google Play Store app store marketplace. If you don’t wish to download this application from the Play Store, you could simply hit the direct link provided below to download the Talking Tom 2 app using the APK link.